• Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC)
    Provision of revolving fund and support for the RUWES training centre for capacity building, technology transfer and skills acquisition.
  • United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
    Provision of revolving fund and support for the RUWES training centre for capacity building, technology transfer and skills acquisition.
  • United Nations EnvironmentProvision of revolving fund and support for the RUWES training centre for capacity building, technology transfer and skills acquisition.
  • Abuja Leasing Company (ALC)
    Financial support partner for all projects of the RUWES Initiative
  • United States Agency for International Development (USAID)/ Winrock
    Support for RUWES training centre specifically for assembly of clean cookstoves and solar lanterns as well as training / skill acquisition for book keeping and after sales services.
  • Federal Ministry of Water Resources
    Our partner for the dissemination of the RUWES Randa; a technology-neutral water purification, filtration and cooling system
  • Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
    Our partner for the provision of Climate Smart Agriculture technologies
  • Nigeria Infrastructure Advisory Facility (NIAF)/ Department For International Development (DFID) –Development of RUWES framework and organizational structure as well as a working Monitoring and Evaluation and a Management Information System toolkit for the RUWES initiative. The Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) System is critical to RUWES in carrying out its projects effectively and efficiently and boosting accountability to beneficiaries, donors and other stakeholders.
  • GIZ –Clean cookstoves market development as well as clean energy finance development business model.
  • Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves (GACC) –Market development and access to manufacturers – partnership on clean cookstoves.
  • Embassy of the United States of America
    Business development and sustainability. Through its Environmental department, the Embassy of the USA has facilitated a partnership with the Methodist Church for the collection of paper waste from Embassies in Nigeria and its conversion to briquette a source of fuel improved wood stoves.
  • Integra Renewable Energy Services
    A technical partner of the initiative and facilitates the provision of clean energy technologies.


  • Market Women Association
  • Al-munawara Foundation
  • Development initiative for African Women(DIFAW)
  • Agbeji Development Association
  • Federal Road Safety Corps
  • Kaduna Women Advancement Forum
  • Nigerian Women of Faith Network
  • Shammal Agricultural Innitiative
  • Falmata and Hinny FOUNDATION
  • Waje Women Forum
  • Women Environmental Programme (WEP)
  • Women Fellowship of Christian Reformed Church of Nigeria (CRCN)
  • MIA (Mothers) Association of Nigeria
  • Heckan Women Felloship
  • Kisani Widows Multipurpose Cooperatives Society
  • Nasara Women Group Association
  • Alheri Fadama women group
  • Albarka Women Processors
  • Federation of Muslim Women Association of Nigeria
  • Police Officers Wives Association
  • Women and Youth for Energy
  • Muslim Women Initiative
  • Glorious Women and youth in Agriculture
  • First Step Women and Children development centre
  • Lubna Distribution services
  • Global Network For Peace in Nigeria
  • Muslim Empowerment and Welfare Foundation
  • Centre for the advancement of Mother and Children
  • Women Empowerment Programme
  • Neighbourhood Environment Watch
  • All Farmers Association of Nigeria
  • Confidence Business Associates Limited
  • Sohelem Millenium Multipurpose Cooperative Society
  • Christian Reformed Church of Nigeria
  • Road Safety Officers Wives Association
  • Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps
  • Civil Defence Officers Wives Association
  • Nigerian Immigration Service Wives Association
  • Nigerian Prisons Inspectors Wives Association
  • Nigerian Air Force (NAF) Airmen Wives Association
  • Women & Youth in Agriculture
  • Nigerian Custom Service
  • Nigeria Women of Faith Network
  • Women of Excellence
  • Kadunan Women Economic Advancement Forum
  • Prosper Community Cooperative
  • Plateau Women Prosper
  • Nigerian Immigration Service
  • Agbazi Development Association
  • Hays Love Foundation
  • Tabra Birma Cooperative
  • Gamji Multi Cooperative
  • Mac Staff Multi Cooperative
  • Manoman Dawa Cooperative
  • Bomora Cooperative
  • Gadam Bomodi Cooperative
  • Malleri Kautal Hore Cooperative
  • Waitlabi Dawaki Cooperative
  • Mai Buhu Cooperative
  • Bima Multi Cooperative
  • Nigerian Society of Engineers

RUWES Secretariat

  • No 7, Ahmadu A. Ali Crescent, Utako, Abuja
  • +2347086532014, +2347013855185


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