Ruwes Randa

The “RUWES Randa” is a technology-neutral water filtration and purification system which consists of a screen, water filter and a water dispensing unit made of clay pot. This is a locally developed technology that guarantees water purification, elimination of water contamination from dipping of cups and promotes hygiene/ sanitation in rural communities.

Dissemination of RUWES Randa will promote rural water hygiene, reduce mortality rate resulting from contaminated sources of water and water borne diseases and reduce illnesses from emissions of Short-Lived Climate Pollutants (SLCP’s) through the use of firewood to boil water and Hydro Fluoro Carbons (HFCs) for cooling in refrigerants.

The RUWES Initiative is in partnership with the Federal Ministry of Water Resources (as part of its water, sanitation and health programme) to propagate this indigenous technology for water purification that saves energy, provides good health and protect the environment for rural communities.

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