The Place of Sanctuary and Hope (POSH)

The POSH (Place of Sanctuary and Hope) is a place of safety and comfort for internally displaced women and young girls living in camps or remote areas that are currently unable to embark on their normal productive daily activities as a result of forced displacement. The POSH is designed to provide access to clean energy (access to alternative, safe cooking, lighting and heating sources) for the internally displaced Women and girls in the North Eastern part of the nation with focus on Borno State. This intervention is targeted at reintegrating them into the Society making them productive, while healing the pain of insurgency suffered.

Through the POSH RUWES intends to develop clean energy access and rural entrepreneurs, provide sources of livelihood through the establishment of a clean energy Bakery, solar freezers, sewing machines and clean energy business starter kits. The POSH training centre in Maiduguri for women and girls of insurgency is a facility that has the capacity to train over 1,000 women and girls every 3 months. The skills and small businesses to be developed at the POSH training centre include; trainings on the use of clean energy / solar bakery, assembly of solar lanterns and clean cookstoves, production of clay pot-water filtration and purification system, detergent and soap making as well as training on use of solar sewing machines.

The POSH is a social business enterprise with minimal profit to lift women out of poverty. The repayment plan in this project will be through the POSH Bakery’ and sale of pastries at designated outlets within the city. Furthermore, the Borno State Government has committed to the sustainability of the POSH through consistent supplies of bread to boarding secondary schools, as well as patronize the POSH tile cleaners, detergents sand disinfectants in all Government offices, hospitals and schools within the State. The grandaunts of the POSH training centre are equipped with a clean energy starter kits to enable them start up small businesses in their villages.

The project is intended to be implemented in the North Eastern part of the country.

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