Establishment of Black Carbon Testing Centre in Nigeria

Nigeria on the move to stand out as a multidisciplinary research and innovation hub for Black Carbon Testing and Renewable Energy, not just in Africa alone but in the entire Sub Saharan Africa. This is because RUWES, through the UNEP-sponsored technology exchange program for our rural women to India to experience first-hand the renewable energy projects and innovations in India and replicate same in Nigeria, has captured the Indian’s innovation of Black Carbon Test Center.        

The Indians are the first to own a Black Carbon (BC) Test center in the world approved by the Indian government, which is strategically located in the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (IIT-D). This is where the clean cook stoves across the world are tested to ascertain the efficiency on Black Carbon emission, and assess other quality parameters of the clean cook stoves. RUWES is therefore poised to replicate this BC Testing Centre in Nigeria, and the centre would also serve as an interdisciplinary research centre of excellence in conducting cutting-edge research activities and developing innovative technologies in the clean energy sector. This first-ever Nigerian BC Centre of Excellence to be named – Centre for Energy and Environmental Strategy Research (CEESR).

Solar Nigeria Programme (SNP) Project

Nigeria has huge potential for solar electricity. The cost of solar power is coming down, and Nigeria’s need for affordable, reliable, and clean electric power has never been greater. RUWES intends commence another phase of her Rural Energy Access Project (REAP) under the Solar Nigeria Programme for massive distribution of solar kits across the entire country. This would involve a huge strategically organized and well-coordinated network-based supply and distribution project, which is intended to reach a vast majority of the Local Government Areas (LGAs) in the country. We would be leveraging on the SNP, our huge membership base and our strategic development partners in the execution of this laudable project; to reach the poorest of the poor in line with RUWES mandate and objectives.

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