Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC)

Provision of revolving fund and support for the RUWES training centre for capacity building, technology transfer and skills acquisition.

United Nations Environment

Provision of revolving fund and support for the RUWES training centre for capacity building, technology transfer and skills acquisition.

Abuja Leasing Company (ALC)

Financial support partner for projects and/or activities of the RUWES Initiative

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Provision of revolving fund and support for the RUWES training centre for capacity building, technology transfer and skills acquisition.

Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

Our partner for collaborations on Climate Smart Agriculture technologies and other sustainable land use initiatives or projects

Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves (GACC)

Market development and access to manufacturers – partnership on clean cookstoves.

Integra Renewable Energy Services

A technological partner of the RUWES Initiative involved in the facilitation and/or provision of clean energy technologies and solutions.

Aso Savings and Loans

The company opens account and loan repayment plan for rural women with little interest rate, serving as a RUWES’ support regarding the empowerment of women.

Federal Ministry of Water Resources

Our partner for the dissemination of the RUWES Randa; a technology-neutral water purification, filtration and cooling system

United States Agency for International Development (USAID)/ Winrock

Support for RUWES training centre specifically for assembly of clean cookstoves and solar lanterns as well as training / skill acquisition for book keeping and after sales services.

Nigeria Infrastructure Advisory Facility (NIAF)/ Department For International Development (DFID

Development of RUWES framework and organizational structure as well as a working Monitoring and Evaluation and a Management Information System toolkit for the RUWES initiative. The Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) System is critical to RUWES in carrying out its projects effectively and efficiently and boosting accountability to beneficiaries, donors and other stakeholders.


Clean cookstoves market development as well as clean energy finance development business model.

Global Environment Facility (GEF)

Global Environment Facility (GEF) was established on the eve of the 1992 Rio Earth Summit to help tackle our planet’s most pressing environmental problems. The GEF unites 183 countries in partnership with international institutions, civil society organizations (CSOs), and the private sector to address global environmental issues while supporting national sustainable development initiatives. Since 1992, the GEF has provided over $17 billion in grants and mobilized an additional $88 billion in financing for more than 4000 projects in 170 countries.

Teasy International Company Limited

Teasy International Company Ltd (“TEASYPAY”) is a technology driven financial solution/service provider licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria (“CBN”) to operate a mobile money payment service in Nigeria. TEASYPAY offers this service primarily through mobile phones (USSD channels NFC or JAVA) and also via web interface. In collaboration with RUWES, Teasypay helps to facilitate the payment of climate credit funds to rural women, who have no accessibility to banking facilities.

Embassy of the United States of America

Business development and sustainability – through its Environmental department, the Embassy of the USA has facilitated her partnership with RUWES through the project with Methodist Church, Nigeria for the collection of paper waste from Embassies in Nigeria and its conversion to briquette – a source of improved wood stove fuel.

Quintas Renewable Energy Solutions

This is a technological solution partner to RUWES, and it is a private limited liability company that specializes in clean energy solutions (solar & biomass), energy management and farm-gate Industrial cluster development. The company was founded by Dr. Omotayo Dairo in 2009, and since then has been in the forefront of manufacturing energy solutions including power inverters, and fabrication of simple agro processing machinery to process farm gate produce beyond primary raw materials. These products are geared towards Farm gate Industrial processing and rural development.

Nexleaf Analytics

A non-profit technology company that provides organizations, governments, and manufacturers with sensors that are designed to provide real-time monitoring and data collection. Sensors are paired with cell-phone-based technologies to access important information from remote locations. Project Surya, along with Nexleaf Analytics, has initiated and is implementing an innovative financing mechanism in India and Nigeria, which is known as Sensor-Enabled Climate Financing (SCF). SCF enables the very poor to switch to clean cooking through direct usage-based climate credits for black carbon and CO2 mitigation.

Kaduna State University (KASU)

This is one of the foremost institutions in the country that is saddled with the responsibility of providing all-round University education of the highest standard. The institution has strategically positioned itself in the areas of science and technological innovation, and is a willing partner to both private, corporate, government entities and international partners or collaborators that have the same vision of promoting sustainable environmental development. It is among these desirable qualities that RUWES is in partnership with this reputable institution of higher learning in the establishment of a renowned hub for clean and renewable energy solutions, and also serving as a central hub for researchers, innovators, scientists, and professionals from diverse academic backgrounds across the globe.

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  • National Market Women Association
  • Al-munawara Foundation
  • Development initiative for African Women (DIFAW)
  • Agbeji Development Association
  • Federal Road Safety Corps
  • Kaduna Women Advancement Forum
  • Nigerian Women of Faith Network
  • Shammal Agricultural Initiative
  • Falmata and Hinny FOUNDATION
  • Waje Women Forum
  • Women Environmental Programme (WEP)
  • Women Fellowship of Christian Reformed Church of Nigeria (CRCN)
  • MIA (Mothers) Association of Nigeria
  • Heckan Women Fellowship
  • Kisani Widows Multipurpose Cooperatives Society
  • Nasara Women Group Association
  • Alheri Fadama women group
  • Albarka Women Processors
  • Federation of Muslim Women Association of Nigeria
  • Police Officers Wives Association
  • Women and Youth for Energy
  • Muslim Women Initiative
  • Glorious Women and youth in Agriculture
  • First Step Women and Children development centre
  • Lubna Distribution services
  • Global Network For Peace in Nigeria
  • Muslim Empowerment and Welfare Foundation
  • Centre for the advancement of Mother and Children
  • Women Empowerment Programme
  • Neighbourhood Environment Watch
  • All Farmers Association of Nigeria
  • Confidence Business Associates Limited
  • Sohelem Millenium Multipurpose Cooperative Society
  • Christian Reformed Church of Nigeria
  • Road Safety Officers Wives Association
  • Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps
  • Civil Defense Officers Wives Association
  • Nigerian Immigration Service Wives Association
  • Nigerian Prisons Inspectors Wives Association
  • Nigerian Air Force (NAF) Airmen Wives Association
  • Women & Youth in Agriculture
  • Nigerian Custom Service
  • Nigeria Women of Faith Network
  • Women of Excellence
  • Kadunan Women Economic Advancement Forum
  • Prosper Community Cooperative
  • Plateau Women Prosper
  • Nigerian Immigration Service
  • Agbazi Development Association
  • Hays Love Foundation
  • Tabra Birma Cooperative
  • Gamji Multi Cooperative
  • Mac Staff Multi Cooperative
  • Manoman Dawa Cooperative
  • Bomora Cooperative
  • Gadam Bomodi Cooperative
  • Malleri Kautal Hore Cooperative
  • Waitlabi Dawaki Cooperative
  • Mai Buhu Cooperative
  • Bima Multi Cooperative
  • Nigerian Society of Engineers
  • Sayyidat Multipurpose Cooperative Society
  • Danzomo Wadi Agricultural Produce
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