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RUWES Smokeless Barracks Scheme

April 30, 2024/

In a bid to further strengthen the RUWES initiative as a national project in the actualization of its set objectives, the initiative is in partnership with the Federal Road Safety…

RUWES ASO Lady Purse

April 30, 2024/

In partnership with ASO Savings bank, the RUWES has designed a savings scheme for the rural women. The cooperatives registered with RUWES open accounts for each member with the financial…

RUWES Stakeholders Workshop

April 29, 2024/

The RUWES Initiative Stakeholders workshop is an annual event organised to address and sensitise the rural women who are the end users of these clean cookstoves and who also are…

RUWES/G-WIN Partnership

April 29, 2024/

RUWES/G-WIN Partnership The RUWES initiative was incorporated into the Girl and Women Initiative in Nigeria (GWIN) Initiative to achieve the common objectives of gender empowerment, energy access, improved health and…

April 28, 2024/

The “RUWES Randa” is a technology-neutral water filtration and purification system which consists of a screen, water filter and a water dispensing unit made of clay pot. This is a…

April 28, 2024/

The relevance of Agriculture to the Nigerian economy cannot be overemphasised; however, with growing impacts of agricultural practices on climate change, there is a need to embrace Climate Smart Agriculture.…

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