Rural Women Energy Security

World Environment Day is observed on June 5th each year, as it has been since the United Nations instituted this global event in 1974. Its purpose is to promote awareness and mobilize action toward safeguarding our environment. The theme for World Environment Day in the current year centers around “Ecosystem Restoration,” aiming to inspire individuals worldwide towards renewing natural habitats based upon ecological concepts that ensure a sustainable future over multiple generations of all species. RUWES (Rural Women Energy Security) stands proudly behind such an essential undertaking by empowering women living within rural settings through equipping them with dependable energy solutions which foster environmental preservation efforts alongside socio economic advancements simultaneously.

The Significance of Ecosystem Restoration

The process of ecosystem restoration entails aiding the rehabilitation of ecosystems that have suffered degradation or annihilation. This can encompass practices such as reforestation and rejuvenating wetlands and grasslands, all of which serve critical functions in preserving biodiversity, ensuring a supply of nourishment and water resources, and fighting against climate change. For rural societies specifically, sound ecosystems are absolutely essential because they directly depend on natural resources for their sustenance and welfare.

RUWES (Rural Women Energy Security),is dedicated to promoting environmental sustainability through empowering rural women with clean and sustainable energy solutions. Our Smokeless Barracks Scheme, a cornerstone of our efforts, provides smokeless cookstoves to rural communities, significantly reducing indoor air pollution and deforestation while improving health outcomes.

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