Rural Women Energy Security


Sustainable World Powered by Renewable Energy


Rural Women Energy Security Ltd/Gte (RUWES) is a Non-Profit Organisation targeted towards saving lives, protecting the environment and improving the economy. RUWES is also aimed at providing renewable energy at a subsidised rate for underserved rural and peri-urban women. This involves wealth creation by improving the value chain of women enterprises involving over 2 million women across Nigeria. RUWES works with manufacturers and distributors of clean energy products, as well as financial institutions and governments to ensure reliable, practical and affordable clean energy products are readily available. The Rural Women Energy Security (RUWES) was established in 2010 and started as a project under Renewable Energy Programme (REP) designed to enlighten and provide women access to clean and green energy alternatives, locally available especially for cooking and lighting needs. It is targeted at the under-served rural woman who is usually off grid, energy poor and has the highest incidence of health-related issues from harmful energy practices.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), smoke from indoor air pollution causes over 100,000 deaths in Nigeria every year, mostly women and children. Owing to the energy poverty prevalent in the rural areas, most households depend on firewood for cooking and heating purposes. This practice degrades our environment and is very inimical to the health of the women and children who are the most vulnerable to the effects of fuel wood burning.