Rural Women Energy Security


Sustainable Development for a
Sustainable Future Brighter Tomorrow

saving lives, protecting the environment and improving the economy

Providing renewable energy at a subsidised rate for underserved rural and peri-urban women.

Value chain of women enterprise involving over 2million women across Nigeria.


To mobilise the women to lead the demand for increased access to clean energy products, RUWES created the ‘Gender Social Enterprise Model’, which aims to make access to energy easier


It is targeted towards the under-served rural woman, usually off grid, energy poor and has the highest incidence of health-related issues from harmful energy practices


Creating sources of income and serving as a means of poverty alleviation by providing energy for homes and small businesses


Rural Women Energy Security Ltd/Gte (RUWES) is a Non-Profit Organisation targeted towards saving lives, protecting the environment and improving the economy. RUWES is also aimed at providing renewable energy at a subsidised rate for underserved rural and peri-urban women.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), smoke from indoor air pollution causes over 100,000 deaths in Nigeria every year, mostly women and children. Owing to the energy poverty prevalent in the rural areas, most households depend on firewood for cooking and heating purposes.

RUWES-Project Surya Technology Exchange Programme

In October 2016, the Climate and Clean Air Coalition’s Solution Centre organised an exchange between a group of RUWES women and Project Surya to learn how rural women in Odisha, India are transitioning to clean household energy.

The National Clean Cooking Scheme (NCCS)

The National Clean Cooking Scheme is the cooking component of the RUWES. It seeks to address the need for clean cooking technologies. It is also an ongoing initiative, which is implemented in different states and rural communities of the nation according to available resources, in conjunction with our development partners.

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RUWES Nigeria Celebrates World Environment Day with Renewed Commitment from the Ministry of Agriculture

RUWES Nigeria is thrilled to share the remarkable support and commitment demonstrated by the Ministry of Agriculture towards fostering a cleaner, greener environment. The world environment day, held with great enthusiasm, saw a significant representation from the Ministry, highlighting the importance of sustainable practices in agriculture and the empowerment of rural women. Representing the Minister […]

RUWES Celebrates World Environment Day with Empowering Initiatives

On June 5, 2024, RUWES (Rural Women Energy Security) proudly celebrated World Environment Day with a grand event that brought together a diverse array of participants and showcased the organization’s commitment to sustainable development and the empowerment of rural women. The event, held at Scharze Park, Abuja, was attended by distinguished guests from the Ministry […]

RUWES Training Program Highlights on June 3rd and 4th, 2024

We at RUWES (Rural Women Energy Security Initiative) think that giving women the information and abilities to spearhead sustainable practices in their communities can have a profoundly positive impact. Our most recent training session, which took place on June 3 and 4, 2024, was evidence of this conviction. The event, which focused on practical training […]


Saving Lives

Access to clean and sustainable energy sources directly impacts health outcomes. RUWES’ initiatives reduce reliance on harmful traditional fuels like wood or kerosene, mitigating indoor air pollution and respiratory diseases. By promoting clean cooking and lighting

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RUWES Smokeless Barracks Scheme

In a bid to further strengthen the RUWES initiative as a national project in the actualization of its set objectives, the initiative is in partnership with the Federal Road Safety Corps to mobilise officers of paramilitary…

RUWES ASO Lady Purse

In partnership with ASO Savings bank, the RUWES has designed a savings scheme for the rural women. The cooperatives registered with RUWES open accounts for each member with the financial institution. A percentage of the sales…

RUWES Stakeholders Workshop

The RUWES Initiative Stakeholders workshop is an annual event organised to address and sensitise the rural women who are the end users of these clean cookstoves and who also are most vulnerable to the hazardous effects…

RUWES/G-WIN Partnership

RUWES/G-WIN Partnership The RUWES initiative was incorporated into the Girl and Women Initiative in Nigeria (GWIN) Initiative to achieve the common objectives of gender empowerment, energy access, improved health and environmental protection. The G-WIN was launched…

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