Rural Women Energy Security

The LPG Intervention of the Nigerian Energy Support Programme Extension (NESP II); a European Union-funded project, led by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ). The GIZ collaborated with the Nigerian government to develop a viable market for LPG cooking solutions in rural and peri-urban areas.

The LPG intervention focused on promoting and developing the market for LPG clean cooking in Nigeria. The project was implemented through its consultants: GFA Consulting Group GmbH in consortium with Rural Women Energy Security Ltd/Gte (RUWES Nigeria).  The LPG intervention comprised three (3) work packages, which are the ‘Enabling Framework work package, ‘Business Development’ work package, and ‘Access to Finance’ work package. These work packages were put in place to achieve the overall objective of the intervention, which is improving the conditions for accessing LPG clean cooking solutions and accessing funding by households and institutions in Nigeria.

In furtherance to the main objectives, the LPG intervention sought to understand the barriers to the widespread adoption of LPG in Nigeria. To achieve this the NESP identified access to finance for local LPG cookstoves manufacturers and households, as one of the key factors against the large-scale adoption of LPG for cooking in Nigeria. RUWES via its team of experts worked towards this regard in collaboration with other experts selected by GFA Consulting Group GmbH. To understand the status of the LPG in Abuja, RUWES facilitated a baseline study and the training of Enumerators for data collection. RUWES also contributed to the sensitization and awareness campaign executed to penetrate the rural and peri-urban markets for LPG cookstoves.